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APIR (Aksyon: Paputok Injury Reduction) naman diyan!

Paalaala upang maiwas sa mga kapahamakan sa pagsalubong natin sa Bagong Taon: Mapanganib ang paggamit ng paputok (fireworks cause injuries and endanger health);Lahat ng paputok ay bawal sa bata (children should not use any fireworks);Umiwas sa mga taong nagpapaputok (keep safe and away from exploding fireworks); Huwag mamulot ng mga di sumabog na paputok (never pick used fireworks); and, Magpagamot kaagad kapag naputukan (seek immediate medical treatment for all firework injuries). Ilang mga tips upang maging stress-free ang ating pagsalubong sa Bagong Taon: Itaguyod at makilahok sa Community Fireworks Display (promote and participate in the community fireworks display in your area);Magdiwang nang ligtas kasama ang pamilya (celebrate a safe holiday with family and loved ones); Lumikha ng ingay gamit ang ibang paraan tulad ng torotot, busina, lata at iba pa (use alternative noise-makers to welcome the New Year like car horns, cans, pots and pans, radio music, etc);Makisaya sa ibang paraa…


Are you guys ready for Sinulog 2012?!
Come and join the fun at
Kabankalan City!

Kabankalan City Cathedral Schedule of Aguinaldo Masses, Sponsors & In-charge 4:00 AM


PAGTILILIPON SANG PAMILYA NI TEBAN                        Second General Alumni Homecoming
                       Kabankalan Elementary School, ERAMS & ERAMS-West                        January 8, 2012

 I. MassII. MotorcadeIII. Registration* Per Batch- Minimum of P1000 ( Batches 1930-1999}Minimum of P500 (Batches 2000-2011} IV. Opening Program V. Lunch (By Batch) VI. Recognition/ Giving of Awards VII. Socialization {Evening}
Please coordinate with your batchmates and attend our 2nd meeting for the finalization of activities and assignment of committees, on NOVEMBER 20,2011. 2:00pm at Gabaldon Building.. Thank you very much.... Let us make this event a very memorable one!!!-Jewel Suyod

ERAMS-East First Grand Alumni Homecoming                       ERAMS Oval                       December 29, 2011 ERAMS-West Batch '87 Class Reunion                      December 28, 2011                      Farmer's Training Center                      4:00 PM KILIT-ANAY 2012        …

Out of this World, the Moon turns Red & Wows the World

Last night, I think I had one of the best views for the eclipse. We were at the highway when the eclipse started. And it was spectacular. It was like the moon and the stars were telling me I was in the right place.

I read some of the tweets and blog entries made by random people and realized that not everyone in the world got to see last night's lunar eclipse. Too bad for you guys, but don't worry, there will be a lot of eclipses next year but the next lunar eclipse will be on 2014. Good thing for us, the weather was awesome and Asia Pacific had its best view.

Now, I won't delve why such event occurs, you can google it anyway. But...I'd like to give acknowledgment to those who caught the eclipse on video or on their cameras. Check out this cool guy in twitter who captured most of the event's phases last night.

Last night's eclipse was epic. One of the best thing that happened before 2012.

To see more views of the lunar eclipse from different countries, you can …

WVSU-ECHC Extension Research Program

Today, the West Visayas State University-Himamaylan Extension Research Program had its foot parade as an awareness for revitalization of the Bingig River.

Bingig River is situated at Sitio Bingig, Brgy.3, Himamaylan City. Back then, this river was amazing. It was home to a lot of fishes and a source of food and income to the people living near the river.But as the time goes by, this river was abused vehemently. Illegal logging and fishing had caused the river to become shallow. Presently, the river is still flowing but getting shallow as time passes by. All its glory faded away because of man.

And so as a part of the Sports & Cultural Team's project, the Awareness Campaign was made possible by the whole school today.

The foot parade started around 7:00AM spearheaded by the faculty and staff.

Students opted to make campaign posters and slogans which they carried during the parade.

The route was from the Greenland Subdivision up to the Gatuslao Gym. The program started around 8…