Events for Kabankalan City's 14th Charter Anniversary & Udyakan Festival 2011

I don't have the exact schedule of the programs and parades and such. However, I found some very interesting events in celebration of Kabankalan City's 14th Charter Day Anniversary and Udyakan Festival 2011.

Topping my list is the annual theme party hosted by the 2villonians - Kabankalan Chapter. This year, they are hosting a glow-in-the-dark facade. Them parties are all about the heights of youth and soul. Last year's party was one of the most talked about night out ever. A friend of mine will be on the dance floor, I assume he is the DJ on the house for that event. None other than Iyo Gaudite! DEBRIS band will be guesting, too. The band is composed of Daxen, Yllor, and I forgot the two girls' name. But anyway, they are from Kabankalan, Ilog and Himamaylan. Here's the poster ad. Party location will be at BEA's. The glowing will start at 8 pm on June 29, 2011! 

Next stop - the Udyakan Festival itself. Tribes from different schools, both public and private, are allowed to join the contest. I am not exactly sure how many participants are joining this year but rest assured that they will always put a good show. The Udyakan if I'm not mistaken is on August 1. 

The Booths and Huts - whatever the official name of that contest is, I can't even check the city's official website. According to my sources, the site's down coz of the maintenance. However, I won't dwell on that. So, the native/recycling/natural huts and booths contest is kind of a stiff competition - next to the Udyakan dance anyway. Rumors said that Brgy. Tapi is leading this year. Well, I should get some pictures when every booth is done then.

The Carnival. Honestly, it's not that many and it's kind of boring and it's exactly right in front of my house. LOL. 

The UKAY-UKAY thingie! Oh, your local favorite ukay-ukay stores will be having a grand thrift sale, all newly opened clothes; from shirts to jackets, to shorts and so much more will start at ten pesos! 

What else? Hmmmm, I observed the maintenance guys setting up 'banderitas' as we fondly called them. I've not roamed the public plaza yet. When I do, I'll post another subject then. 

The weather's kind of hazy, wet, rainy and possibly unpredictable. 

See you in Kabankalan!

Click here to see the 15th Charter Anniversary Activities.


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